How many times did you google – “first signs/symptoms of pregnancy”? Did you do it before or after your test? Was it a planned or unplanned pregnancy? How did you feel when you found out?


Finding out

Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most amazing things that will happen to you – but also can be something that really unsettles your world.


Each pregnancy can be so different

With my first pregnancy, it was a very much planned pregnancy.  We hadn’t been able to fall pregnancy and ended up going through IVF.  IVF is a gruelling emotional rollercoaster and something I had never anticipated needing or expecting.  We were so lucky to fall pregnant the first time round.


With that pregnancy, the pregnancy symptoms were hard to differentiate from the IVF.  I had hyper stimulated which is when you produce too many follicles and too many eggs.  It can be a great sign although in some cases very dangerous.  You feel literally like you’ve been bowled over by a large weight.  And it never stopped until I got to about 16 weeks when suddenly I felt ok.


With my second pregnancy it took me two weeks post my missed period to actually realise that I needed to take a test.  I was so convinced that I wasn’t pregnant even though I had no period because it had taken us 4 years and significant help to conceive our twins.  I also didn’t have any of the standard “signs” except severe cramping which I presumed was that my period was totally coming.


Some of the most common symptoms

And I think that’s important – there’s so many signs that you are pregnant apart from a missed period such as:

  • Frequent urination
  • Sickness
  • Bad tastes
  • Excess saliva
  • Sore breasts
  • Cramps similar to period pains
  • Exhaustion


Birth and Baby Academy Community

I asked the brilliant Birth and Baby Academy community yesterday for their first signs and symptoms and here’s some of their feedback:

  • “The stomach bug that didn’t go away”
  • “Excessive salivation”
  • “I failed miserably in a sports competition because I felt tired like never before…”
  • “Inexplicable need to stop for a cheese toasty at 4 service stations in a row on a long road trip. Took another 3.5 months to dawn on me though”
  • “Dinner tasting like bleach every time”
  • “Really sore boobs!!!!”
  • “Incredible cramping – just like your period is coming but worse”
  • “Really thirsty, and wanting sparkling water which I usually don’t like”
  • “I was ridiculously moody to extremes crying and dramatic one minute then super happy the next”
  • “I was sick at night twice in a row and then I barfed and I didn’t even consider pregnancy because I’d been trying for so long… bought a first response test and took it the next morning”
  • “Always needing to pee”
  • “The hg coming back!!! Even worse second time round.”
  • “I felt freaking full and powerful. It was the most awesome feeling ever.”
  • “Feeling sick…”
  • “Vaginal discharge, cravings, feeling urgent to pee, and a missed period. I am pregnant right now at the moment, these are the signs I am having right now.”
  • “A horrible taste in my mouth”

There’s so many different variances – I don’t even think there’s actually a check list which will ever actually get it right.  Look above – all the way from the feeling awesome to be not being able to compete in sports.  How it affects us all is so different!!!!


Pregnancy Roadmap

If you have recently found out you are pregnant, and want a really helpful timeline to know what to do and when, download the FREE Resources Bundle which includes a Pregnancy Roadmap.  There is nothing comparing your baby to various fruit and veg sizes but there’s loads in there about how to prepare for an amazing birth as well as signposting to all the various services you might need.


Much love, Tricia xxx


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