Clearing Your Negative Beliefs About Birth

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Hello and welcome, Tricia Murray here from The Birth and Baby Academy.

Today we are talking about clearing your negative beliefs about birth. At the end of this, I’d like to go to the and download my free MP3, Fear Release Visualisation, which is a highly effective tool that you can use to work through any fear or negative beliefs that you may have about birth.

What Are Your Beliefs?

So, what are you beliefs about birth? We all have various beliefs about birth – some good and some not so good. But where have these beliefs come from? Some women believe that birth can be the most amazing and transformative experience that she can have. Many other people believe that birth can be one of the most painful and difficult experiences that a woman can have. What do you think?

    Why Should You Identify Your Beliefs?

    So let’s get into the topic in a bit more detail. Why is it important that we clear our negative beliefs about birth? Many people feel uncomfortable talking about negative things and specifically when it come to birth. It feels really uncomfortable and slightly awkward to reveal what those negative beliefs are.  We live in a society where we feel we have to be positive all of the time. Having a positive mindset isn’t really about being positive all of the time. It’s really about acknowledging what all of those negative beliefs are and really working through those.

    Clearing the Path

    The way I see it is that it’s a bit like a path and if you don’t clear the path of all the different obstacles, that you’re going to end up tripping. Or thinking about building a beautiful house, you can’t build a beautiful house on rocky foundations. It’s really important that you build solid foundations, and that’s by clearing out all of the negative beliefs that you may have around giving birth.

    Building a Positive Mindset

    Once you’ve worked on all of these beliefs then it’s easy to plaster on all of the positive mindset work that you can do. So that would include things like hypnobirthing, birth art, meditation, visualisation, birth affirmations, all sorts of tools to really get you into a positive mindset. You can’t do that until you have cleared out all of the negative beliefs that you have around your experience.

    A Negative Belief Example

    Here’s an example of a woman that I worked with, Rachael.  Rachael came to see me to do one-to-one coaching. She had this fear that she would die in childbirth and leave her firstborn son all alone. She just couldn’t get past that thought that she was going to leave her son Mum-less. So, we worked really closely around that fear, using a tool called Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a talking therapy where you tap on various acupressure points and that is very useful for dealing with fears and negative beliefs.

    Putting Those Beliefs into Perspective

    We started to reframe this belief that birth was dangerous and that she was going to die. The way that we reframed it was by starting to think about what was the likelihood of that happening. It is less that 1 in 10,000 women. To be quite honest, more women die each year from cycling, driving their car or from falling down stairs. Birth is actually quite safe within the wider scheme of things, and in terms of the everyday risks that we take it is very, very safe.

    Positive Results!

    When she came to giving birth, she had an amazing birth experience because she didn’t have that little voice in her head going round and round telling her that something terrible was going to happen to her. That’s one of the things – when we don’t clear those beliefs, that voice can get louder and louder.

    When we’re in a situation when something happens that’s unexpected, that subconscious voice gets loud and can be the only thing that we start to listen to. That’s why it’s really important to tap into what those fears are.

    Release Your Fears

    So, now it’s time for you to go to the and download my free MP3, which is the Fear Release Visualisation and really use that as a tool to work through all of those negative fears and beliefs that you may have around giving birth.

    Having a positive birth is something that everybody can do, but it takes every day commitment and action. So, it’s time now for you to relax deeply, learn wisely and have a better birth experience!

    It’s your turn to learn how to relax deeply, learn wisely and experience a much better birth.

    Tricia x





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