3 Keys Areas for a Positive Birth Experience

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Hello and welcome, Tricia Murray here from The Birth and Baby Academy.

Today we are talking about 3 key areas for you to focus on in your birth preparation so that you can have a positive birth experience.

At the end of this, I’ll welcome you to download the Resources Bundle (which includes Questions About Birth is included) which is a free cheat sheet so that you can identify where the gaps are in your knowledge and prepare much more positively for your birth experience.

The 3 Key Areas to Focus On

Are you overwhelmed by how much information there is out there? Maybe you don’t know what to focus on. Maybe you are spending so much time researching cots and buggies, rather than focusing in on the three key things that you need to do to have a better birth experience.

So if you want to have a positive birth experience, there are three key areas for you to focus on. Education, mindset and your body.

1.      Educating Yourself

In terms of education, it’s not educating yourself about the birth process because many of the standard antenatal classes will cover that. Or you can learn that really easily from a book.

However, it’s harder to learn about how to navigate through the maternity system. Also, all of the different choices and decisions that you can make yourself so that you can own your birth and have a much better birth experience.

Managing Pain

Really focus on educating yourself on how to manage the pain in childbirth, why we have pain and all of the different tools and techniques that we can use so that we can manage that much better, and be able to reflect much more positively on it.


Hormones are a key element to having a better birth. Often, hormones are overlooked but they are absolutely vital, and understanding the role and the cascade of hormones that we have during the whole birth and postnatal experience is extremely important.

It’s really worth looking at other primates and how they give birth because they can help us to understand why we struggle so often with our own birth experiences.

Birth Plans

This education is so key in putting together our birth plans, and I say birth plans in plural because we can work through all different eventualities that might happen in our birth. It is also vital that our partners are reading and working through the same information so that they can really support us in our birth experiences.

2.      Mindset

The second key area is mindset. Working through our mindset, often we think that through being positive, we can’t really acknowledge the negative, but actually, my belief is very much about working through what our negative beliefs and fears are around birth and acknowledging those fears and beliefs so that we can work against them.

Layering Up on the Positivity

Once we have done that, including working through any other previous negative work experiences, we can start to layer on the positivity and really get ourselves into a really positive mindset.

Listening to Positive Birth Stories

One of the key things to also do is to listen to a lot of really positive birth stories.  There are loads of really amazing blogs around there, but also get yourself into the positive birth movement groups that run right across the UK and the whole of the world. Many areas have lots of brilliant birth groups and birthing communities, so it’s really worth investing in those communities and hearing those positive birth stories.

3.      Our Bodies

The third area for you to work on is your body. Women need to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. These are key ingredients to having the right body to help us to birth with.

Enrol in a Fitness Class

Without a doubt, a good pregnancy yoga class is a vital component to a good birth experience. I would always recommend to all women to attend a pregnancy yoga class. There are other classes out there that are really helpful too, such as swimming and dance and Pilates.

Stay Fit

Of course, we can all go walking, and do our own swimming and keep ourselves fluid. Ina May Gaskin recommends that we do 300 squats a day. She says that if you do 300 squats a day, that you are going to give birth really quickly. 300 squats may take you a full 24 hours to do, but if you can manage 10, or 20 or 30 then that’s absolutely brilliant!

Fetal Positioning

One of the other things about our bodies is learning about optimal fetal positioning. That’s about getting the baby into the correct position.

There’s a great website called Spinning Babies and I would recommend that all women to have a look to see what you can do throughout your pregnancy to get your baby into the right position.

I would also recommend that women go and see a chiropractor or else a craniosacral therapist to really make sure that their pelvis is aligned and in a good position.

Going into Our Bodies

Again, focusing in on the body, it’s absolutely vital that you work out how through labour you can go into your body, so there are lots of great tools that we can use, such as mindfulness and meditation to actually help us go into our bodies too rather than spending a lot of time in our heads, because that is one of the times that birth won’t go as smoothly as we want it to go.

101 Questions About Birth

Having a positive birth experience isn’t rocket science. It’s something that everybody can achieve with the right preparation.

So now go to download the Resources Bundle (which includes 101 Questions About Birth) and work through that with your partner so that you can identify any gaps in your knowledge and really build up the information that you know so that you can have a much better birth.

    Scroll down and leave a comment. Tell me what you think. It could help a lot of others in the same boat.

    A positive birth doesn’t come from inaction. It comes from investing your time and energy into making it a much better experience.

    It’s your turn to learn how to relax deeply, learn wisely and experience a much better birth.

    Tricia x





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